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all by myself…*

Another very early decision i made about the wedding was that i didn’t want a wedding party. Although i love my friends and welcome their input and advice in planning the wedding, i want the actual ceremony to be a celebration of Joe and me, the awesomeness of our relationship, and the start of our life as a married couple. As much as i hate being in the spotlight, i really do think that the ceremony should focus on the two of us, not on a line of gorgeous girls in matching dresses.

I have found this decision to be liberating in lots of ways. First, all my girlfriends have sighed in relief when i’ve said “no bridesmaids.” For them, it’s one less unrewearable dress to buy, one less shower to plan, and most importantly, it means they can just kick back and celebrate with me on the day without worrying about where to stand, whether their escort is taller than they are, where they left their flowers, etc.

It’s also, from a practical standpoint, much cheaper and less stress-inducing not to have a wedding party. I have lots of wonderful girlfriends, from many different stages in my life, and i wouldn’t want to try to cull through them to create what is essentially an “I love you best” club. All my girls are awesome, but i think a 12-woman wedding party is a little … much. (Not knocking those of y’all who can pull it off. I’m just sayin’ — for me, it’s too much.) Plus, this way i don’t have to pay for their hair, buy tons of bouquets, worry about the bouquets matching my flowers (or the other decorations). And: I don’t have to pick out bridesmaids’ dresses. Seriously, Wedding-Industrial Complex, can you please design at least a couple pretty dresses in realistic colors? Although i love the idea of letting all your bridesmaids just wear their favorite black dresses with cute heels, thus eliminating the “Oh, of course i can wear it again!” problem, i am completely happy having decided for my friends to be spectators.

Have any of y’all decided not to have a wedding party?  Have you been met with relief or looked at askance?

*Man, i can’t seem to quit with the lame post titles, can i?


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