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I believe it was just this week i was telling you all about the wedding shoes i found. Pretty, match the dress, nifty ankle strap, sweet jeweled buckle, etc. Remember? These?

Right. Well, what i may not have mentioned at the time was that those were my fallback pair of wedding shoes. You know, the sensible ones. The ones that match, and look comfortable and respectable, and don’t cost 87% of your remaining budget.

That, my friends, was before i discovered The Sale.

A bit of history: WAAAY back in the day, when i was still a wee babe in the wedding-blogosphere, i found this pair of utterly delicious shoes. They were sassy. They were quirky. They were unique! (So unique, in fact, that no amount of googling or endlessing or zappoing could turn up a similar pair.) They were, also, $239. Which seems, you may agree, a bit spendy for a pair of shoes one is likely to wear only once — or at most, on very rare and special occasions.

But then. I was checking out one of my new favorite blogs ({grey}likesweddings, and you should all run over there posthaste and bookmark her!), and happened upon a pair of shoes i fancied, so i idly clicked through to the site selling them. And there, my friends, they were. MY SHOES! HALF OFF!!

Behold the glory of the “Lana,” by Benjamin Adams. Those, my friends, are feathers. Maribou feathers. And Swarovski crystals. Yes MA’AM!

I have no idea if these shoes will match the dress. Honestly, though, i don’t care. I love them. I heart them. I giggle whenever i look at the picture. I mean: feathers!! Are they not fabulous? Glorious? Simply divine??


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custom ring bowl!

I have to tell you about the first favorite thing i found on the Interwebs for our wedding. I know these have been all over the place and back again, but i am completely, utterly in love with Paloma’s Nest ring bowls.

I mean, so pretty, right? You can custom-order the text you want, anything from your names, wedding date, favorite quote, random series of letters meaningful to you as a couple… the possibilities are (nearly) endless. And THEY ARE ONLY $25. Ridiculous. And so, so beautiful. The only reason i haven’t ordered one yet is because i can’t decide what i want it to say!

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