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So. I finally have an appointment with a possible florist tomorrow after work. I have been madly scrambling to pull together ideas of what i want the ceremony flowers to look like (and i’ll have a whole ‘nother post on that once we’ve nailed down some ideas). Flipping through magazines, scouring wedding blogs, you name it.

The bouquet has kind of been an afterthought. I mean, i knew i wanted a white bouquet, with some green(ery) accents thrown in, and feathers. Definitely feathers. I mean, my shoes have feathers — why not, right? But. I hadn’t put in a great deal of thought over it.

Until now. My darlings, behold THE AWESOMEST BOUQUET OF ALL TIME:

(picture courtesy the amazing Jonathan Canlas, from his blog post here)

Seriously, i have been dreaming about this bouquet. At night, during the day, when i’m supposed to be working … i covet it. I adore it. I must have it.

…and not even the red bits that you’d think i’m talking about either! It’s the wrap, with the precious vintage turqouise-and-red buttons all down one side. I mean, i suppose it’s also the gorgeous creamy white flowers, the beautiful rich green broad leaves framing the bottom, and, yeah, i do kinda dig the punch of red in the middle. But, y’all, the buttons.



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I’ve been pondering for a great while what to do about the flower situation. Although i think flowers are gorgeous and lush and add a lot to any wedding, they are just so. damn. expensive. So i put flowers way down on the list of priorities for our budget and have kind of just kicked around thoughts in the back of my brain without ever really focusing on what i want (or who i want to do it — eek!).

One of my early thoughts was hydrangeas — they’re giant, bold, and lovely and don’t require much in the way of ornamentation. They look gorgeous in bouquets, and a few can really go a long way.

(image. The word “bodacious” comes to mind.)

But they’re also expensive, and i was worried about how well they’d hold up to a day of my clutching them, dragging them around, probably dropping them a couple of times … and i kind of pushed them from my mind, thinking i’d go with something simpler. And cheaper.

Enter baby’s breath.

Right? You’re thinking, “Caroline, baby’s breath is filler. And not too attractive at that. Plus it kind of smells.” Well, you’re right on that last part (at least if it’s old baby’s breath — or so i’m told), but my lads and lasses, check it out:

That’s baby’s breath! In simple containers! Lining the aisle! How genius is that? (TTO agrees.)

Since i stumbled upon the idea for baby’s breath, it’s been everywhere, yo. Grey found baby’s breath on wreaths:

As centerpieces:

And even as a bold, unexpectedly glorious bouquet:

I mean. I seriously gasped loud when i first saw this picture. It’s not exactly the vibe i’m going for, but talk about drama and glamour and — i mean, can you imagine? I’m sure i’m not the only one who’d be guilty of an audible gasp if a stunner like that came strolling down the aisle. It’s breathtaking. It’s GENIUS.

So, i’d like to claim credit for combining these two genius ideas into one jaw-droppingly brilliant flower scheme for my own wedding, but alas. As usual, the internet beat me to it. Janie at The Bride’s Cafe, in particular, has combined the two into a dreamy confection:

Stunning, no? Again, not exactly my vibe, but the combination of the bold, confident hydrangeas and the soft unexpected touch of the baby’s breath is really intriguiging me today. (I can’t even talk about the anemones. So dreamy. So expensive. So sigh.)

But then! I saw today! This wedding on Style Me Pretty! That IS my vibe exactly — vintage, retro, quirky, a little glamorous and a lot comfortable. And the flowers: Hydrangea + baby’s breath! Gorgeous!!

The bouquets, people. And the centerpieces. And her headpiece — feather fascinator + tiniest of birdcage veils. I am in love!

(all pics via the incomparable Style Me Pretty!)

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