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Quite simply, this is so. She’s a phenom, and we are so, so lucky to have snapped her up when we did! First, a little backstory. When i was first waving my engagement ring around the office and gushing to anyone who would listen about my awesome fiance and my ridiculous excitement about getting married, a friend at work subtly mentioned that her sister was a wedding photographer.

“Huh,” i thought. “Now i’m gonna get roped in to meeting with this chick’s crazy sister, who probably has no idea what she’s doing. Great.” But being a dutiful friend, i clicked on the link my co-worker e-mailed to me.

And i was blown. away.

Seriously, people, to be relatively new at the game (she’s only been photographing weddings for about two years), our girl is just incredible. We were bowled over enough online, but then my co-worker mentioned that her sister was moving down to DC and was looking to build up a client base. “Set up a meeting,” i said.

In person she was even better — self-possessed, confident, able to answer all my neurotic questions without blinking. She brought two full portfolios of recent weddings she’d shot and mentioned that one of her weddings was soon to be featured in a Boston local wedding mag. She always works with a second photographer, loves a photojournalistic style, and gives her clients all their images in digital files as part of every package.


So without further ado, please to meet our wedding photographer, the very first wedding-related decision we made, and still one of my absolute favorites:


I mean, check out these pictures from her blog:

I mean, it doesn’t hurt when your bride is totally effing gorgeous, but still. Breathtaking, no?

LOVE the perspective on this one.


I realize this is an engagement picture, but would you just look at the emotion on that guy’s face? Utterly priceless. If she can get one picture of us looking at each other like that on our wedding day, it’ll be the best money we spend on the whole thing.


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I found some more pretties for you! Via Southern Weddings, please to feast your eyes on these g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s shots from an elopment session (!!) at an Atlanta carnival.

The color in these shots is simply amazing!

Hurray for Ferris wheels — and check out the rad color-coordination between the bride’s dress and the ride! So coincidentally spectacular! you should know that yellow+green is one of my all-time favorite color combinations, so i am fanning myself over here at not only the gorgeousness of these pictures but also the bride’s darling (and tea-length!) yellow+green dress.

This shot is just so calming and sweet. Happy, peaceful, in love. There’s a very similar scene at Glen Echo, too, so i may be forced to recreate this darling shot at our wedding.

And, as usual, i saved the very best for last. Check it out — a kiss on the carousel!!

All shots courtesy of the marvelous Jessica from jessica purvis photography. Click and love!

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