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So, after the lovely Glen Echo bride Tyrese commented that she was a teensy bit worried about my plan to hang cafe lights all over the Bumper Car Pavilion, i got to thinking. I’m not sure i totally agree (and even if i did, i fear my obsession with the lights themselves would win out regardless), but her comment did spur me to keep an eye out for interesting and creative things to do with the cafe lights other than string them over top of all the other lights already up in the Bumper Car.

So when i came across this idea at Apartment Therapy, i was kind of intrigued:

So this is a “socket chandelier,” made from screwing together loads of those random bulb sockets you can get at Home Depot. Utilitarian, yes, but also unexpected and clever. I think i kind of dig it.

I don’t know whether or if this will translate into temporary cafe-light-ball light fixtures, but i’m kind of picturing them as impromptu chandeliers, hung above the center of each table. Bonus: They’re make-ahead-able, so nobody would have to be scrambling to string up 250 feet of lights the day of.

I also came across this beauty on Apartment Therapy: it’s “White Orbit,” by Patrick Townsend, and it’s kind of the same idea, only a little more (too?) structural:

Witness this chandelier in action:

This looks almost exactly like the Bumper Car (minus the twinkly lights wrapped around the rafters). Like i said, i think it might be a little too put-together; i like the artful chaos of the DIY chandelier above better, i think. But i’d love input. What say you? DIY chandelier blob? Structured, airy chandelier? Or version 1.0 strings of lights from beams? Chime in, readers; i must know!!


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So, after an unplanned wee break from blogging, i’m back with details of where at our radical venue we’ll be having the reception. Behold: the Bumper Car Pavilion!

This is the actual pavilion where recreation-seekers of yore actually crashed bumper cars into each other! There aren’t any actual bumper cars left in the space (which, honestly, is kind of a bummer :-), but it’s got its original signage/artwork over the front of the pavilion, along with wooden floors, open sides, and a stage!

Check out the inside, with all the yummy light streaming in! You can also see the christmas lights wrapped around the beams in the ceiling, and the clear plastic sides, which are currently in the rolled-up position. They can easily be rolled down in cases of torrential rain or freezing coldness (both of which i’m hoping to avoid — but DC weather in September can be unpredictable). The white gates lining the pavilion also swing open to welcome you inside, and the benches are all (re)movable. The stage is located just on the other side of the opening in the right, above; this shot was taken leaning over a white gate just about halfway down the front of the pavilion.

Here’s one more shot, taken from the side of the Cuddle Up Pavilion. In this one you can see the gorgeous swooping roof line of the pavilion — it’s lined with big old-school bulbs that light up at night! See?

So gorgeous! So bright and sparkly! So festive! I can’t wait!!

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