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I hope you’re all enjoying a stellar New Year. I’ve been away for a while — Joe and i moved over the weekend into our first home as a couple, and i’ve been scrambling over the past couple of weeks to get everything ready for the move. But we did it! And now i’m back with a vengenance and lots of fun ideas and questions for you; with only eight months before the wedding, i realized yesterday that it’s time to switch gears from moving/decorating/unpacking back to all-wedding-all-the-time.

So, here i am! And to jump right back in where i left off, allow me to introduce another of our spectacular wedding elves. The second in our series of “we’re only meeting with one vendor because our first choice is so awesome” decisions was actually not even made face-to-face. Working off a random Knottie post about ceremony music, i checked out the website for the St. Charles String Quartet, a local group based in Maryland. I was sold from the minute i arrived, when i was greeted with a lovely string arrangement of “Just Like Heaven,” my favorite Cure song.

After hanging out on the site a while and generally being impressed with the awesomeness of St. Charles and their enthusiasm for playing more than traditional classical music, i e-mailed Neil Puzon, Head Violinist In Charge, and inquired about rates, availability, and their willingness to learn a very silly, very specific song for my walk down the aisle. He responded in, like, 6 hours, and told me that not only would they be happy to learn my request, but that they wouldn’t charge me any more for special arrangements and songs. Even if every single song i requested was new to them. And, to top it off, their rates are super competitive, and Neil is extremely willing to work with you if you’re on a budget.

St. Charles offers soloist, duos, trios, and quartets, and their repertoire includes ye olde traditional wedding songs (done beautifully, i might add) as well as a hefty amount of Beatles tunes and less expected fare such as “Yellow,” by Coldplay, “All My Love,” by Led Zepplin, and (my personal favorite for amusement purposes) “Free Bird.” (Their rendition of the Foo Fighters’ “Everlong,” for the record, effing rocks.)

Seriously, when i first started this wedding planning business, ceremony music was waaay down at the bottom of my priority list. I figured i’d either get a DJ who’d play some stuff as we walked in, or just hook up my iPod somehow. I just e-mailed Neil on a whim, to see if he’d laugh in my face at my processional request (which shall for the nonce remain a secret, lest i lose what remaining readers i may still have 🙂 ). He was incredibly prompt, professional, excited about my request (!!), flexible, and reassuring that my little song idea would not only work but be awesome.

Plus, their music is gorgeous. If you’re at all in the market for ceremony music, even if you think string quartets are stuffy and ridiculous, please go check out their website. Tell Neil that Caroline sent you — he’s the best. And then enjoy the rockingness of your new fantastically talented and offbeat wedding musicians!


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