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I believe it was just this week i was telling you all about the wedding shoes i found. Pretty, match the dress, nifty ankle strap, sweet jeweled buckle, etc. Remember? These?

Right. Well, what i may not have mentioned at the time was that those were my fallback pair of wedding shoes. You know, the sensible ones. The ones that match, and look comfortable and respectable, and don’t cost 87% of your remaining budget.

That, my friends, was before i discovered The Sale.

A bit of history: WAAAY back in the day, when i was still a wee babe in the wedding-blogosphere, i found this pair of utterly delicious shoes. They were sassy. They were quirky. They were unique! (So unique, in fact, that no amount of googling or endlessing or zappoing could turn up a similar pair.) They were, also, $239. Which seems, you may agree, a bit spendy for a pair of shoes one is likely to wear only once — or at most, on very rare and special occasions.

But then. I was checking out one of my new favorite blogs ({grey}likesweddings, and you should all run over there posthaste and bookmark her!), and happened upon a pair of shoes i fancied, so i idly clicked through to the site selling them. And there, my friends, they were. MY SHOES! HALF OFF!!

Behold the glory of the “Lana,” by Benjamin Adams. Those, my friends, are feathers. Maribou feathers. And Swarovski crystals. Yes MA’AM!

I have no idea if these shoes will match the dress. Honestly, though, i don’t care. I love them. I heart them. I giggle whenever i look at the picture. I mean: feathers!! Are they not fabulous? Glorious? Simply divine??


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So, after the lovely Glen Echo bride Tyrese commented that she was a teensy bit worried about my plan to hang cafe lights all over the Bumper Car Pavilion, i got to thinking. I’m not sure i totally agree (and even if i did, i fear my obsession with the lights themselves would win out regardless), but her comment did spur me to keep an eye out for interesting and creative things to do with the cafe lights other than string them over top of all the other lights already up in the Bumper Car.

So when i came across this idea at Apartment Therapy, i was kind of intrigued:

So this is a “socket chandelier,” made from screwing together loads of those random bulb sockets you can get at Home Depot. Utilitarian, yes, but also unexpected and clever. I think i kind of dig it.

I don’t know whether or if this will translate into temporary cafe-light-ball light fixtures, but i’m kind of picturing them as impromptu chandeliers, hung above the center of each table. Bonus: They’re make-ahead-able, so nobody would have to be scrambling to string up 250 feet of lights the day of.

I also came across this beauty on Apartment Therapy: it’s “White Orbit,” by Patrick Townsend, and it’s kind of the same idea, only a little more (too?) structural:

Witness this chandelier in action:

This looks almost exactly like the Bumper Car (minus the twinkly lights wrapped around the rafters). Like i said, i think it might be a little too put-together; i like the artful chaos of the DIY chandelier above better, i think. But i’d love input. What say you? DIY chandelier blob? Structured, airy chandelier? Or version 1.0 strings of lights from beams? Chime in, readers; i must know!!

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I’ve posted several times about my massive dress hunt — and i will post more gorgeous and quirky ideas i found online, i promise — but i got The Call yesterday. My dress has arrived!!

I think i’ve mentioned before that my mom graciously volunteered to purchase my dress. Naturally, that meant that we had to go shopping together. She lives in North Carolina, so i arranged for a five-day shopping extravaganza down to NC. And let me tell you, we hit every bridal salon in the Triangle metro area.

Well. We went to four stores. But they had a LOT of dresses! And i tried on so. many. bridal gowns. None of the stores would allow pictures, so i have nothing to show you for my troubles. Disappointing, no? Anyways, we split the massive trip up over two days. The first day was incredibly disappointing. I mean, totally fun and awesome, and i got to spend hours parading around in yards of gathered and sparkling satin and silk, but. No tulle! Seriously, we went to two giant dress shops, and between them, there was not a shred of tulle to be found. There were also no tea-length options, but thanks to my mom’s genius suggestion, we focused on dresses that could be made tea-length without too much fuss or bother.

I came home that first day with four “contenders” on my list, but none of them made me twirl around with joy. I figured that maybe it wasn’t in the cards for me to find The Dress — i’d been so lucky with the venue and the photographer that i thought maybe it was my time to just find something i’d settle for and be reasonably happy with. But then: Day Two.

Y’all, i have never been so excited over a garment in my life. We found her at this tiny, cramped dress shop in downtown Raleigh; my mom and i were pulling dresses left and right, and three-quarters of the way through the store, i finally came across tulle. (Seriously — i had no idea tulle would be so evasive!) I pulled the dress off the rack, gave it the once-over, and wrinkled my nose. “WAAAY too busy,” i said. My mom suggested that i try it on anyway, because it was the first tulle dress we’d seen in many long hours of shopping. So onto the pile it went. I waded through non-tulle option after non-tulle option, and finally, it was time. I slipped the dress on, zipped her up, and stepped out in front of the mirrors.

And she. Was. Perfect!!

Wanna see her? Click away!



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