Okay, so you’ve been introduced to my wee obsession with the turquoise polka-dot business. Here’s one more idea (harkening back to the invitation suite, even!), that i have shamelessly stolen lovingly borrowed from Mrs. Lime (from back in the day when Weddingbee wasn’t corporate and scary):

She calls it “Placecard Lasagna”!

(Thanks, Mrs. Lime! And thanks Martha for the inspiration.)

How adorable is this? (I promised i’d stop using the “D” word.) Little trays for your escort cards, held together by ribbon? Precious! And easy, to boot! All it requires is some looong cardstock and a hole punch. Even dummy me can do it (…well. Check back after it’s done for confirmation.)!

So my personal inspiration for this little project?

(Via the Ribbon Retreat.)

Turquoise polka-dotted ribbon. Obvs.

Okay, i promise to move on from my obsession with invitations eventually.

…actually, we’ll be moving on right now, because my latest obsession, while definitely spawned from my invitation overload, has to do with other darling details. (“Darling” again. I’ve been overusing that word. I’ll stop, really.) Anyways, my newest possibly-impossible-but-awesome-nonetheless idea?


Specifically, napkin rings made of ribbon. But not just any ribbon, oh no! Turquoise polka-dotted ribbon, my friends!


Via hairbowslady on Etsy.

This ribbon, she is 1.5 inches wide. Which, as i have discovered via extensive experimentation in my cubicle this morning, is just the perfect width for a napkin ring. Think of it: A turquoise-and-white polka-dotted napkin ring tied on top with red-and-white baker’s twine. And possibly even a red button on top of that. I mean, seriously.

Can you imagine?!

I have not yet purchased any such ribbon, but i promise to document my efforts photographically and share them with you all. As always, please feel free to tell me that i’m crazy 🙂

But! Polka-dotted napkin rings with baker’s twine! And a button! Who wouldn’t love that?!

So, when i left you i was swooning over the awesomeness of polka dots. Specifically, white polka dots on a turquoise background. After a long, loooong fight with the Adobe suite of programs (seriously, designer people, do you have an extra Adobe gene? Not. Easy.), i managed to wrangle some polka dots of my own into cooperation.

And then i kind of got a little crazy with the design ideas.

Okay, in my defense, check this out:

Via Once Wed.

Do you see? The red-and-white baker’s twine? With the darling little red button? Tied around a turquoise-and-red invitation suite? Do you SEE IT UP THERE CALLING TO ME?!

So. I may have decided that my own invitation suite needs to be tied up in string. I may have then ordered the world’s largest bale of red-and-white twine. I mean. How can you resist this delight?

(via We Sell Coffee, oddly enough)

It is all the red-and-white baker’s twine in all the world. And i am going to decorate my life with it! Seriously, i am head over heels for this stuff. I can tie it around my invitations! I can tie it around my bouquet! I can tie it around my guests!

…just kidding. I promise i’m (more or less) sane still. But i did find a pretty sweet deal on some dear little red buttons, so i’ve ordered them too:

(Via vintagehomestyle on Etsy.)

I mean. Can you not imagine the possibilities? Twine! Buttons! THE MOST ADORABLE INVITATION PACKAGING EVER!!

Since i’m not giving you a taste of our actual invitations yet (although i promise to show you pictures once they’re in the mail!), i will give you a glimpse of our save-the-dates, also designed (laboriously and with plenty of tears and swearing) in Illustrator and Photoshop. Forgive the white smears over the website, but here you go:

std front

std back

I ended up not using the Deco-looking font on the invitations, but i thought it went nicely with the picture of the sign. I handwrote the addresses one Friday morning (which is something i hope never to do again … argh!) and sent them on their merry way. Tell me what you think!

crafty idea overload

So many ideas, i don’t even know where to start!

I guess, since this topic has consumed my life for the past week (sorry Joe!), that i’ll start with invitations. Remember way back when i debuted our awesome monogram? Here’s a refresher:


Awesome, no? Anyways, we asked the fabulous Jen of Miss Pickles Press to design this with the idea that i’d design the actual invitations and other paper goods, using the monogram as a base. Well, i’d initially thought that i’d just do a simple design in Word with the logo centered at the top and the text below that … and then i saw this:

(Lucky Paperie, via Project Wedding)

…you have no idea what this did to my brain. Oh, the possibilities! i thought. How awesome! And creative! And do-able, even for a design idiot like myself!

I mean. The polka dots, people. Under the monogram. SWOON.

So i’ve spent the past six days eyeball-deep in Adobe Illustrator and polka dots, trying (nearly in vain!) to adapt that gorgeous design to our wedding. And, at long last, i think i have!

…this is the part where you’re expecting me to show you the invitation suite, isn’t it? Well, not so fast. We haven’t sent them to the printer yet, even! I did find a recommendation for Cards & Pockets, which tells me they can print the invitations, RSVP postcards, and website info card for under $90. Ridiculously reasonable! I’ve ordered paper swatches and samples from them and am hoping to place the order over the weekend. Woot invitations!!

So, remember when i was all about the baby’s breath? Yeah, those were good times. Innocent times. Beautiful, fluffy, black-and-white times.

But mostly? They were white times. Which, as my mom pointed out, might not go so well with the white stage, the white backdrop, and my white dress. I fought this idea in my head until my darling Joe gave me one of those kicking-the-dirt smiles and told me he thought there might be something to it. So, last weekend, off we went to Glen Echo to check out just how white our ceremony space really was.

As it turns out, it’s really white. (Also as it turns out, the Washington Folk Festival was happening last weekend at Glen Echo, of which we were totally unaware — nothing like 5,000 folks crowding into your wedding venue when you’re trying to take a picture of un-adorned space!)

Ergo, back to the drawing board. I haven’t by any means given up on my baby’s breath dream, but i have done a lot of poking around weird corners of the internets, where i found this lovely:

glen echo flowers

(Photo by Amy Raab Photography; found at The Knot)

I … have never seen this sort of thing before, and it intrigues me. I mean, those look vaguely like spider mums, right? And they’re all colored and pretty! And they’re hanging on a string! Down from the ceiling! To define the ceremony space! How utterly unexpected and charming! I am kind of in love with this idea. Especially since we could hang similar strings of flowers at the entrance to the Bumper Car Pavilion, maybe as definition for the dance floor, on either side of the stage/DJ booth … oh, the possibilities!

I haven’t given up on my beloved baby’s breath, though. I just don’t know quite what to do with it anymore. Do y’all have any ideas? Have you ever seen dangling strands of bright flowers like this before? What do you think? Tell me!!

So. I finally have an appointment with a possible florist tomorrow after work. I have been madly scrambling to pull together ideas of what i want the ceremony flowers to look like (and i’ll have a whole ‘nother post on that once we’ve nailed down some ideas). Flipping through magazines, scouring wedding blogs, you name it.

The bouquet has kind of been an afterthought. I mean, i knew i wanted a white bouquet, with some green(ery) accents thrown in, and feathers. Definitely feathers. I mean, my shoes have feathers — why not, right? But. I hadn’t put in a great deal of thought over it.

Until now. My darlings, behold THE AWESOMEST BOUQUET OF ALL TIME:

(picture courtesy the amazing Jonathan Canlas, from his blog post here)

Seriously, i have been dreaming about this bouquet. At night, during the day, when i’m supposed to be working … i covet it. I adore it. I must have it.

…and not even the red bits that you’d think i’m talking about either! It’s the wrap, with the precious vintage turqouise-and-red buttons all down one side. I mean, i suppose it’s also the gorgeous creamy white flowers, the beautiful rich green broad leaves framing the bottom, and, yeah, i do kinda dig the punch of red in the middle. But, y’all, the buttons.