And here they are! I apologize for taking forever to post these — i had a few software malfunctions along the way, plus i am the world’s biggest photo-editing idiot and couldn’t figure out how to rotate my pictures 90 degrees to show you right-side-up! Anyways, my mom sent along a few snaps she took at my first dress fitting (!!), so better late than never.

Here we go! (Joe, click here on penalty of making me buy a whole ‘nother dress.)

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wedding website

So, after my minor technical meltdown (necessitating the purchase of a brand new MacBook yesterday, which: hello, lover!), i spent most of yesterday and this afternoon working on our wedding website.* It’s definitely not done, but i’ve at least gotten up separate pages for the hotel information, the ceremony location (complete with a couple pictures, even!), and a general welcome post with links to the various pages. I’m also planning to do an “About Us” page with a how-we-met story, maybe a couple pics of the cats, and so on, as well as the dreaded “Registry” page.

But help me, friends: What does a proper wedding website need? What am i missing — local highlights, favorite restaurants, directions to the ceremony location, reception menu, monogram details? What would you find helpful, entertaining, or otherwise important for a wedding blogger to include?

*You’ll forgive me if i don’t link to it here; i trust y’all, but there are definitely wackos out there who might stalk my wedding if they knew details. You know, because i’m so awesome and stalkable and all. 🙂

i am a bad blogger.

Lately it seems like i’ve been so busy doing stuff, i don’t have a whole lot of time to write about it. I’m sorry! I do have lots of awesome wedding-related stuff in the works, and i’ve accomplished a lot on my freakout list from a couple weeks back. I’ll get to it all eventually, but for the moment (since i have just a moment), allow me to introduce you to our wedding monogram!


Swoon. Isn’t it the coolest? Jen from Miss Pickles Press really captured exactly the vibe we’re going for: retro, cool, laid-back, with just a hint of old-school carnival to make it interesting. I can’t recommend her highly enough — if you’re looking for anything from monogram design to full-on custom design, she’s your girl.

…and up next? Our save-the-dates! VistaPrint tells me that today they’re in the capable hands of the USPS for delivery. I can’t wait to get home!!

Tomorrow i am getting my dress fitted.


Seriously, i am so excited i cannot even tell you. I can’t wait!! I haven’t seen my dress since the day we bought her, and i don’t have a single picture of her on my camera. We’re driving down to NC tonight, and tomorrow this time, i’ll be giggling in front of a giant mirror while the seamstress pins my gorgeous dress up to tea length!!

That does mean no fun weekend posts, but i’ve got a lot on my mind and a lot going on, so i promise to make up for it with many picture-overloaded posts next week. In the meantime, have a great weekend and think tea-length thoughts for me!!

I believe it was just this week i was telling you all about the wedding shoes i found. Pretty, match the dress, nifty ankle strap, sweet jeweled buckle, etc. Remember? These?

Right. Well, what i may not have mentioned at the time was that those were my fallback pair of wedding shoes. You know, the sensible ones. The ones that match, and look comfortable and respectable, and don’t cost 87% of your remaining budget.

That, my friends, was before i discovered The Sale.

A bit of history: WAAAY back in the day, when i was still a wee babe in the wedding-blogosphere, i found this pair of utterly delicious shoes. They were sassy. They were quirky. They were unique! (So unique, in fact, that no amount of googling or endlessing or zappoing could turn up a similar pair.) They were, also, $239. Which seems, you may agree, a bit spendy for a pair of shoes one is likely to wear only once — or at most, on very rare and special occasions.

But then. I was checking out one of my new favorite blogs ({grey}likesweddings, and you should all run over there posthaste and bookmark her!), and happened upon a pair of shoes i fancied, so i idly clicked through to the site selling them. And there, my friends, they were. MY SHOES! HALF OFF!!

Behold the glory of the “Lana,” by Benjamin Adams. Those, my friends, are feathers. Maribou feathers. And Swarovski crystals. Yes MA’AM!

I have no idea if these shoes will match the dress. Honestly, though, i don’t care. I love them. I heart them. I giggle whenever i look at the picture. I mean: feathers!! Are they not fabulous? Glorious? Simply divine??

I’ve been pondering for a great while what to do about the flower situation. Although i think flowers are gorgeous and lush and add a lot to any wedding, they are just so. damn. expensive. So i put flowers way down on the list of priorities for our budget and have kind of just kicked around thoughts in the back of my brain without ever really focusing on what i want (or who i want to do it — eek!).

One of my early thoughts was hydrangeas — they’re giant, bold, and lovely and don’t require much in the way of ornamentation. They look gorgeous in bouquets, and a few can really go a long way.

(image. The word “bodacious” comes to mind.)

But they’re also expensive, and i was worried about how well they’d hold up to a day of my clutching them, dragging them around, probably dropping them a couple of times … and i kind of pushed them from my mind, thinking i’d go with something simpler. And cheaper.

Enter baby’s breath.

Right? You’re thinking, “Caroline, baby’s breath is filler. And not too attractive at that. Plus it kind of smells.” Well, you’re right on that last part (at least if it’s old baby’s breath — or so i’m told), but my lads and lasses, check it out:

That’s baby’s breath! In simple containers! Lining the aisle! How genius is that? (TTO agrees.)

Since i stumbled upon the idea for baby’s breath, it’s been everywhere, yo. Grey found baby’s breath on wreaths:

As centerpieces:

And even as a bold, unexpectedly glorious bouquet:

I mean. I seriously gasped loud when i first saw this picture. It’s not exactly the vibe i’m going for, but talk about drama and glamour and — i mean, can you imagine? I’m sure i’m not the only one who’d be guilty of an audible gasp if a stunner like that came strolling down the aisle. It’s breathtaking. It’s GENIUS.

So, i’d like to claim credit for combining these two genius ideas into one jaw-droppingly brilliant flower scheme for my own wedding, but alas. As usual, the internet beat me to it. Janie at The Bride’s Cafe, in particular, has combined the two into a dreamy confection:

Stunning, no? Again, not exactly my vibe, but the combination of the bold, confident hydrangeas and the soft unexpected touch of the baby’s breath is really intriguiging me today. (I can’t even talk about the anemones. So dreamy. So expensive. So sigh.)

But then! I saw today! This wedding on Style Me Pretty! That IS my vibe exactly — vintage, retro, quirky, a little glamorous and a lot comfortable. And the flowers: Hydrangea + baby’s breath! Gorgeous!!

The bouquets, people. And the centerpieces. And her headpiece — feather fascinator + tiniest of birdcage veils. I am in love!

(all pics via the incomparable Style Me Pretty!)

Y’all, apparently the wedding fairies have sprinkled me with caffeinated dust or something, because i have had the Most. Productive. Four days. Ever!

It started last week when i finally got around to e-mailing a couple of potential wedding cupcake makers. There are ten scrillion bakeries and cupcakeries around the DC area, but many of them charge insane, astronomical prices for single cupcakes and don’t drop the prices for weddings. No thanks. So i narrowed my focus to bakeries that don’t have physical storefronts but work off Internet and word-of-mouth bookings. I found two whose websites spoke to me, so i e-mailed them both last week and immediately heard back from both. One baker even dropped off four free sample cupcakes to a nearby coffeeshop! We haven’t tried the other baker’s wares yet, so we haven’t made a final decision, but i promise to report back once we’ve picked. (For the record, though, both these bakers offered a significant price break over brick-and-mortar cupcake makers, so i strongly recommend the online route if you’re looking for a wedding-treat-creator!)


Also, remember back when i was freaking out about all things paper? Well, i’m freaking out no more. (…okay, freaking out less.) I found a monogram maker! I’ll dedicate an entire post to this awesome wedding elf once i’ve got our monogram in my hot little hands, but suffice it to say that Jen at Miss Pickles Press is one awesome lady. One monogram + the constant free-postcard deals at VistaPrint* = save-the-dates in minutes! Well, not minutes. But. Way easier than i’d feared.

I’ve also been on the phone with a couple of hotels near Glen Echo and am close to finalizing the booking of the room block. Who knew that would be so complicated? Regardless, although we haven’t visited any hotels, i think we’re pretty close to locking down a block of rooms at last.

We also registered over the weekend. Two hours in Macy’s and i think we scanned a grand total of 42 items. Whew! There’s more to that story, but  i think it warrants its own post, so you’ll have to wait for now. Still: yay for registering! For insanely expensive and glorious sheets and towels and cupcake tins! Hurray!

And finally, i took y’all’s advice to heart and backed away from the silver glitter explosion. (My mom agrees with you all, btw.) I heart those shoes, what can i tell you, but cooler heads have prevailed, and i can see now that they really don’t go with my dress.

So! I bought different ones! Here, have a look and tell me what you think:

(Pic courtesy of shoes.com)

Meet “Madelyn,” from Liz Rene by Benjamin Walk. While these babies don’t, like, bowl me over with their quirky awesomeness the way the Louboutin knockoffs do, i think they’re a far better match for the dress. The beading, in particular, i think will be a good match for the bodice of the dress. Plus they have an ankle strap, which i adore, and i think it gives them a vintage-y vibe without being all “look at my bobby sox!” Plus i dig the glam diamond buckle 🙂 The heel isn’t quite as tall as i’d like (three inches solid is my preference), but it’s pretty close, so i’m happy to settle, as long as they look good with the dress. The best part? They’re being delivered as we speak, so i have something to look forward to at the end of this bitterly cold, snow-slushed day!!

…so, yeah, all in all, a productive couple of days, dontcha think?? I’m v.v. proud of myself, i have to say. And absolutely champing at the bit to get married already!!

*seriously. sign up for their e-mail alerts; you’ll get spammed like whoa, but they have some seriously delicious deals for you. Go. Go now.